Saturday, March 28, 2015

Susan's March update

Despite all my good intentions, I missed the mid-month question again. But will answer it anyway...

My favorite WIP is Mirabilia's Santa's Magic.  I really enjoy Santa/St. Nicholas/Father Christmas pieces and this one is no exception. The things I like most are the non-traditional colors - purples, blues, and yellows and the fact that the fabric plays such an important role in the design. You can change the feel of the piece by changing the fabric.  I also think he would make an awesome wizard. Here's where he is right now:

Now on to my New Stitchy Start progress. I haven't had as much time to stitch on Shakespearean Fantasy as I would have liked, but I am happy with my progress.  This is definitely a slow and steady piece.

Here's where it was last month:

And here's where it is today:


  1. I have that Santa in my stash one day I will get to it....I love Santas too but i am very particular to which one I will stitch

  2. I love your Santa, I too am in love with the non-traditional colors. Great progress on SF too :)

  3. Santa is spectacular! Happy stitching dear.

  4. Your Santa is great and your making progress on the Shakespearean Fantasy. Good job!

  5. Very nice WIP, and wonderful progress, Susan :-)