Saturday, October 31, 2015

Unspoken - October

I finished page one :D

Got a tiny bit started on page two, as well.


Linda's Cinderella's Castle

My Holy Mac and Cheese moment.  I decided at the beginning of the month to do an hour's worth of stitching a day on Cinderella's Castle.  That lasted about 4 days and I started getting behind.  Then I was sick for a couple of weeks so I had to stitch 3 or 4 hours some days to catch up.  BUT, I did it.
3,448 stitches.




Friday, October 30, 2015

Sarah's Oct. Update

I got quite a bit done in October. Could have been more if I didn't get carried away stitching my other one, but still not bad.

 On September 30th....

On October 30th...

October Non-Update

Just a super-quick checkin to show you I'm still alive and stitching...just not on Dark Force. We don't seem to have much of a theme for this month as well (apart from Halloween, which we don't really celebrate around here), so I'm not sure what to write I'm hoping you're all well and to see some nice stitchy updates from you instead!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

October's Progress

Well, I haven't done too much on this but I know that any progress is good.  I hope I can get more done in November with the weather getting colder and staying inside more. I really want to get more shown on the Emerald City and maybe start another page.

Happy stitching!

The end of October already???!!!!!

Wow this month has zoomed by!  I am happy to say I have spent most of my time stitching on Sparrow.  Next month will be another story as I prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. On a side note our son and his family return today from Italy after a 10 month stay.  So excited to see them!

I managed to complete another page.  Yes, I put 2016 as the finish date as I know I won't get it all stitched this year unless the house fairy comes to clean, decorate and cook for the holidays.  It helps that the Kansas City Royals had an extra long first game in the World Series this week (14 innings!).  We stayed up to watch it all and I stitched all thru it.  Replays are wonderful!  What I miss while stitching gets played again and sometimes again.  LOL

I finished the words across the piece and also the border to the words.  I plan on filling the empty space with the motifs next.
Happy stitching and Happy Halloween!

Susan's October Stitching

Black, black, and more black.  That has been the story of Shakespearean Fantasy the last month.  I finished almost two full columns and have two and a bit left and I will have a page finish!  It was here at the last check-in:

 and today it is here:
I have joined a challenge on the HAED facebook page to stitch 100 (or more) stitches a week for the next month. I am hoping to actually finish this page.  Once I do, I will start working on some colors as a reward.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


This month I stitch almost every night.

I live in Brazil and we don't celebrate Halloween like in Canada or USA for example. But in schools of English has some party with students at school (inside school, never in the street). I LOVE to stitch Halloween patterns. I LOVE Halloween. I LOVE English school. I have had study English when I was younger. But don´t laugh about my English. It is not good how I would like.

I don't have a costume to dressing up for Halloween but I have a Halloween tree with many cross stitch finishes. Can I post my Halloween tree in 1st november?
★ Ana Cristina ★

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy almost November

Hi Everyone,
Posting is open for this month! I hope to post at the end. I have had a lot of struggles in the past month or two or year. Anyways I was looking for another outlet because my stitching bug up and left again and has not returned at all. So I found this planner group and gotta say now I am hooked!! Still trying to figure out what is going to work best for me but love all the stickers you can get on esty ect. I have lowered my stress by writting and its made me happy.
I hope everyone has a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and maybe if we have little ones dressing up we can post them on the first of November to share? my little guy is going as spiderman

Thursday, October 1, 2015

late oops

For some reason I thought there was 21 days this month and just realized this morning. I was going to post last night but totally forgot. I got in about twenty stitches with all the crap going on in my life right now I have turned to my books more then stitching