Thursday, October 29, 2015

The end of October already???!!!!!

Wow this month has zoomed by!  I am happy to say I have spent most of my time stitching on Sparrow.  Next month will be another story as I prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. On a side note our son and his family return today from Italy after a 10 month stay.  So excited to see them!

I managed to complete another page.  Yes, I put 2016 as the finish date as I know I won't get it all stitched this year unless the house fairy comes to clean, decorate and cook for the holidays.  It helps that the Kansas City Royals had an extra long first game in the World Series this week (14 innings!).  We stayed up to watch it all and I stitched all thru it.  Replays are wonderful!  What I miss while stitching gets played again and sometimes again.  LOL

I finished the words across the piece and also the border to the words.  I plan on filling the empty space with the motifs next.
Happy stitching and Happy Halloween!


  1. I know right? On that note where has the whole year gone?! You've made lovely progress :)

  2. Beautiful!! Happy Halloween to you too!!

  3. Great progress. I can't stitch and watch TV at the same time. I usually sit in my craft room in the peace and quiet. Sometimes I turn on the radio but mostly not.

  4. Time is flyyyyying! As is your little sparrow, you've made some nice progress this month ^_^