Thursday, October 29, 2015

Susan's October Stitching

Black, black, and more black.  That has been the story of Shakespearean Fantasy the last month.  I finished almost two full columns and have two and a bit left and I will have a page finish!  It was here at the last check-in:

 and today it is here:
I have joined a challenge on the HAED facebook page to stitch 100 (or more) stitches a week for the next month. I am hoping to actually finish this page.  Once I do, I will start working on some colors as a reward.


  1. Good progress! I almost joined that challenge but I really want to finish my wip first. Hope it's not a chart I love!

  2. Great progress!! I wish I had a supersized HAED on the go to join in but I just can't talk myself into starting another one haha! Good luck with the challenge and I can't wait to see your progress next month!

  3. Great progress. Getting to stitch color will seem like such a treat!

  4. Great progress! I'm sure you'll have this page done in no time when you set your mind to it, and then there will be some glorious new colours too ^_^