Monday, July 31, 2017

Reptiles- A Few Stitches

I was trying  to stitch on this piece at least once a month for a week, but no such luck. But I think I did make some progress!

And I bought myself a needle minder to brighten up this project.

Renee's Fractal White Tiger July 2017 Update

There were 1,202 stitches added to my Charting Creations Fractal White Tiger cross-stitch this month. I love this piece, based on artwork by Ricky Barnard.

There are only 1,248 stitches remaining on page 6, so I hope to have a page finish to share in August.

This is how it looked last month. I filled in more above the eye and worked on some of the stripes to the far left.

I hope you all have a wonderful August and find some relaxing, yet productive, stitchy time!


Friday, July 28, 2017

Winnie the Pooh II July progress

Hello friends!  I managed about 1600 stitches on Winnie the Pooh this month.  Progress was quick because of large blocks of color in the sky.  It was fun to introduce some new colors (orange/gold) for the next tree.


I had to pull some extra DMC since one of the new colors turned out to be a duplicate with a different symbol, for 869, which is used in the tree trunk on the left (and also some in the orange tree).  The Cyberstitchers Candamar - DMC conversion is wonky in places.  I checked the floss list from the kit; "medium dull brown" (869) doesn't sound like "medium dark gold".  The two colors from the kit floss were virtually identical and didn't fit either color description, to my eye.  Having a full DMC set comes in handy sometimes!  I decided DMC 420 would be a good sub for the medium dark gold.. it looked good next to the colors charted around it, yet still distinct, and also 420 isn't anywhere else in the conversion.
It's getting really hard to put this one away....

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Renee's Fractal White Tiger June 2017 Update

The first 4 rows of page 6 are all filled in on my Charting Creations Fractal White Tiger cross-stitch. I do love this design by Ricky Barnard.

I only worked on it 3 days this month, but did manage over 600 stitches.

This is how it looked last month. 

There was a fair amount of confetti to fill in above the eye. Next month I should hit some larger blocks of color, so I should have more visible progress. I hope so, because I am eager to work on his nose.

Wishing you all happy stitching!