Sunday, May 31, 2015

May update

Not much but at least it's better then nothing. Been going through some tough times so the stress is wearing me out.

Paradise Isn't Paradise :(

Unfortunately I haven't made much progress at all this month on paradise.  I finished about a page.  I have a good excuse though I was on vacation for 2 weeks and couldn't take my project with me because it was too big.  It seems like a lot of us this month haven't gotten much done though so I don't feel too bad :)

Last month:

And the piece as a whole: 

I was so frustrated because I really wanted to finish the half page yesterday but I was tired.  There's only 3 colors left in this section so that should be quick I hope.  I'll get it done tomorrow after work.  I  didn't get to stitch at all today because I slept until work and did errands after lol.  Oh well, see you all next month!

Elaine's May Update - nothing

It's been great seeing everyone's progress.  As for me, nothing.  I had a medical situation in April - pretty serious diagnosis and surgery. I'm doing well now, but 7 weeks post-surgery, I'm just now feeling almost normal.  I'd never had general anesthesia before, and it really did a number on me.  Hopefully in a month I will have more to report.  Dark Force is next up in my rotation, and I've only got one more hour to go on my current project. Here's to June!

Rachel's May Update

Hello all!

I'm afraid I still have no Scarlet Macaw Preening start to show you. :(

BUT... I am pleased to announce that I am about 80% happy with my fabric so it shouldn't be long now. :)

You may wonder why it's taking me so long. Well, firstly, I need to commit a whole day to dyeing and I haven't had a full free day for a while. Secondly, the dye is being applied little by little and by hand which is both a slow and time consuming process. Thirdly, the fabric has to be constantly rinsed to ensure colour fastness, with the true colours being revealed only once it has dried. So 1+2+3=SLOW!

But... I'm nearly there so fingers crossed for a start soon!

In the meantime I'm enjoying watching all of your (lack of!) progress for May. I'll catch up with commenting soon.

Rachel x

Cinderella's Castle by Linda

I managed some progress this month.  I really am enjoying stitching on this and hope to spend more time on it in June.




Cinderella's Castle by Kate

I'm still dealing with a lot of pain and have a lot of days when I'm not able to stitch on large projects (or at all), but I was able to fill in about 500 blue stitches this month.
Where I was last month:
Where I am now:
Happy Stitching!

May Progress: Unspoken

Here is my update for May:

I have got most of the confetti done on this page; there is only a tiny bit to go, then it will grow much faster as I have only two colors with big areas and I can just stitch and stitch while I watch youtube videos :D

For the monthly question, which I forgot to answer in the middle of the month XD, my favorite stitching gifts have been family presents - my Mum bought me two Dimensions Gold Collection kits for Christmas once, Mighty Samurai and Elegance of the Orient.  I've only started the Samurai so far but both will be done someday!  And my sister has bought me two HAED patterns, one for Christmas and one for my birthday, Meeting on the Turret Stairs and Disarmed.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dede's not so much May progress!

Well I confess--I got sidetracked.  I only put in a few stitches for the month today!  I did manage to finish the horse after frogging the tail.  I had packed everything away while we were gone on our trip.  So out of sight out of mind.  I have pulled it out now so maybe I can get some stitching done on it tomorrow too!
My excuse was we were gone to visit our middle son in Italy.  He is working there for several months and we took advantage and went over to visit with them and tour some of Italy and a tiny bit of Switzerland.  Let me just say crowded!  Was fun to see and experience but happy to be home.  We did get to see the tapestries at the Vatican.  Wonderful and of course the chapel.  But I think the most inspiring was St. Peter's Basilica....just awesomely beautiful.
Here is a picture of my progress.

Keep stitching!

Susan's May Update

My May update is very easy - I have no progress to report! Not a single stitch was added to Shakespearean Fantasy. I did think about it, but it never made it to the stand.

And I am a bit late answering this month's question on my favorite stitch gift. Hmmm, I think the answer is going to be the same as last month's "what is my favorite stitching gadget?" - my Needlework System 4 floor stand and my Bohin needles.  The Hubs gave me the floor stand seven or eight years ago as a Christmas gift and DSon gave me the needles for Christmas a few years ago.  I can't imagine stitching any of my large pieces without these two gadgets/tools/gifts.

My no travel stretch didn't last as long as I had hoped, I am off to Boise, Idaho on Monday. I will be home on Friday and then have a three day weekend, maybe I can coax SF onto the frame and get some more green, or black, into it.

Leonore's May Check In

May was a busy day for me stitching wise - we had three holidays/long weekend, which made for plenty of stitching time, so it was no problem to stay right on track with my one column a week goal. I finished page 3, and already started page 4 by finishing the first column - now it's only eight more columns/weeks until I can see the full width of the design and start the next row!

I also realized I didn't answer this month's theme yet - my favourite stitchy gift, that's a tough one! I've received nomerous lovely things, patterns, kits, supplies and other gadgets from friends and family, and I think it would be rude to try and pick favourites. So I'll go the way my heart goes, by always loving the one's I recently use most - that's a lovely design by Glendon Place, called Red Velvet Cake. The pattern and silks were a birthday present by my grandma, and the fabric I bought with a gift certificate I got from my friend Carla. The needleminder was a present from Carla as well, and the q snap I use I got from my friend Magical - a truely gifted project for sure!

Friday, May 29, 2015

May Serenity Harbor

Well, after five months I finally fell behind.

I still need to fill in most of the water, but all the land/trees/etc. are finished. Around the middle of the month, I took some time off to stitch a few smalls. I don't really expect to catch up again, since the sampler is so dense all the way down, but that's okay. It's about the journey, right?


Hello Stitching Friends!
♥ ♥
I had some progress on May:

My favourite stitching gift that I have received is a mini kit DMC. A stitching friend sent to me from Paris and I liked so much because where I live doesn´t have this kind of kit.

★ Ana Cristina ★

May's Progress

Well, here is the progress this month. I finally have a page finished and I am hoping to get a little bit more filled in this weekend. I knew once the rainbow became more vivid that I wouldn't want to stop.

Happy stitching!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hello may stitches

It's posting time Yahoo ! I will post at the end cause I hope to have more to show by the end of the month


Sarah's May Update

I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but I did get all that frogging done! Now at least I'm headed in the right direction. I took it off my frame and tried stitching in hand for awhile. It is just so big and awkward.  I finished filling in the bottom section. This weekend I will start restitching the top.

April 28, 2015

May 28, 2015

I wanted to again thank our hostess for all her work on this group. I am enjoying watching everyone's projects come together. As we approach mid-year I am reminded that my New Year's goals were to be a lot farther along. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it and just keep stitching. 

My first HAED (and my biggest chart ever) is proving to be quite the challenge! I'm starting to think I do a lot better with smalls, even though I absolutely LOVE all these big charts when then are done. 

Thank you everyone who keeps checking in and offering encouragement. Your support has been my greatest stitching "gift".  I am determined to eventually get this one done... No matter how long it takes! 


Fatema's May Check In.

Well as you would have read in my last post how I got bronchitis in April and suffered. 
Then arrived May and I thought I am all okay now. Well no fate decided bronchitis was not enough for me.
Remember all that coughing..I had this severe backpain..ribs and all my joints were in such pain..all due to that coughing and very less water. 
I spent more time again in bed sleeping. 

I never managed any stitching on the cute puppies in May. I had other finishes which I really wanted to finish.

To answer May's question :-
What is the most favourite stitching gift that you have received?

Well from my family and local friends nothing. Friends give me other gifts which have nothing to do with stitching.
Family is cash most of the time which indirectly I guess I can use for stitching.

I have received many beautiful stitching things from my stitcher friends.

I have this beautiful ornament called "HOPE" hanging all year round. It reminds me that there is still Hope left for me in this world.
I have a beautiful doily crocheted by a friend.
Also fabric, floss and charts.
I guess I appreciate all the gifts I get. They were from the heart, big or small.

PS: I will upload pictures later. 

Fatema's April Check In.

 I am really sorry I am so late with my check ins.
April was a really disastrous month for me. I fell sick with bronchitis..Yuck..the coughing was endless..the phlegm..I have decided I never want to be that sick ever again.

Even then when I finally got a bit well I decided to stitch on my cute puppies.
I only managed to do a little.
Here is my progress :-

To answer April's question :-

What are your favourite things to stitch with ie. gadgets, needles, fabric etc?

I love stitching with small,slim needles. Those are my favourite kind especially when I am stitching on my favourite fabric of 18ct.

I love stitching on 18ct, but recently I have noticed I love stitching on soft  evenweave more.

I have a pencil and a favourite pair of scissors always around. I have this small table on which I keep my pattern.

That is all I guess I use and which I consider favourites.

Monday, May 25, 2015

My Favourite Stitching Gift

Well, I guess I would have to say that it is a tie for me with my favourite stitching gift.  It is between a cross-stitch bag that my good friend made my in Wizard of Oz fabric and a Wizard of Oz needleminder and Frog tool given as a great birthday present.  I use all of these and they bring smiles to my face and helps to keep the stitching mojo going.

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

my favourite gifts

I had to actually think about the question I asked this month. I have a few. My first is though all the thank-you cards I receive from gifts I have given. I have given a lot for weddings and baby showers. I guess my second favourite gift was a bag that a friend had given to me made of fabric from my grandmas stash. I love it so much but do not use it enough guess I like looking at it more.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

May-Favorite stitching gift

I would have to say it is my large plastic thread case--given to me by my hubby and oldest (only son at the time) for Christmas way back in 1978.  It held the large floss cards--loved that size.  At the time it held all my floss.  Since then the floss cards have been downsized and I have added several small plastic cases for the over flow.  I really hated that they changed the size of the cards. The smaller cards are so bulky with a full skein. It does have a lid but the hinges gave up a long time ago.
My family has given me gift certificates over the years and an occasional pattern. They don't have a clue as to what I use besides needles and thread!  LOL

Happy stitching!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hello Stitching Friends! ♥ ♥
I have arrived at my home thursday night May 07.
I was in Montreal for five days and in Toronto for four days!
I was in Niagara Falls too!
I love Canada so much!! But is so far away from Brazil :-(

On May 28 or 30 I will post my big progress!
See you later!

★ Ana Cristina ★

April update

So due to health issues (muscle pain, fatigue and eye issues), I have not made any progress on Holy Night I have picked up a small dolphin on 14 ct for one of my grands. It is a joy to be stitching again. Here is my work on that. I am also feeling a little better and pray always for more progress.
More later. Ta-ta!