Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fatema's April Check In.

 I am really sorry I am so late with my check ins.
April was a really disastrous month for me. I fell sick with bronchitis..Yuck..the coughing was endless..the phlegm..I have decided I never want to be that sick ever again.

Even then when I finally got a bit well I decided to stitch on my cute puppies.
I only managed to do a little.
Here is my progress :-

To answer April's question :-

What are your favourite things to stitch with ie. gadgets, needles, fabric etc?

I love stitching with small,slim needles. Those are my favourite kind especially when I am stitching on my favourite fabric of 18ct.

I love stitching on 18ct, but recently I have noticed I love stitching on soft  evenweave more.

I have a pencil and a favourite pair of scissors always around. I have this small table on which I keep my pattern.

That is all I guess I use and which I consider favourites.

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