Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rachel's May Update

Hello all!

I'm afraid I still have no Scarlet Macaw Preening start to show you. :(

BUT... I am pleased to announce that I am about 80% happy with my fabric so it shouldn't be long now. :)

You may wonder why it's taking me so long. Well, firstly, I need to commit a whole day to dyeing and I haven't had a full free day for a while. Secondly, the dye is being applied little by little and by hand which is both a slow and time consuming process. Thirdly, the fabric has to be constantly rinsed to ensure colour fastness, with the true colours being revealed only once it has dried. So 1+2+3=SLOW!

But... I'm nearly there so fingers crossed for a start soon!

In the meantime I'm enjoying watching all of your (lack of!) progress for May. I'll catch up with commenting soon.

Rachel x


  1. I'm hoping you're taking pics of your progress :(

  2. Yes pictures please! I have only dyed some hardanger years ago using onion skins. Your process sounds interesting,