Saturday, May 30, 2015

Leonore's May Check In

May was a busy day for me stitching wise - we had three holidays/long weekend, which made for plenty of stitching time, so it was no problem to stay right on track with my one column a week goal. I finished page 3, and already started page 4 by finishing the first column - now it's only eight more columns/weeks until I can see the full width of the design and start the next row!

I also realized I didn't answer this month's theme yet - my favourite stitchy gift, that's a tough one! I've received nomerous lovely things, patterns, kits, supplies and other gadgets from friends and family, and I think it would be rude to try and pick favourites. So I'll go the way my heart goes, by always loving the one's I recently use most - that's a lovely design by Glendon Place, called Red Velvet Cake. The pattern and silks were a birthday present by my grandma, and the fabric I bought with a gift certificate I got from my friend Carla. The needleminder was a present from Carla as well, and the q snap I use I got from my friend Magical - a truely gifted project for sure!


  1. Great progress (I am jealous of all the stitching time you had this month). Looking forward to seeing more of Red Velvet Cake

  2. Gorgeous stitching! You made good progress.