Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fatema's May Check In.

Well as you would have read in my last post how I got bronchitis in April and suffered. 
Then arrived May and I thought I am all okay now. Well no fate decided bronchitis was not enough for me.
Remember all that coughing..I had this severe backpain..ribs and all my joints were in such pain..all due to that coughing and very less water. 
I spent more time again in bed sleeping. 

I never managed any stitching on the cute puppies in May. I had other finishes which I really wanted to finish.

To answer May's question :-
What is the most favourite stitching gift that you have received?

Well from my family and local friends nothing. Friends give me other gifts which have nothing to do with stitching.
Family is cash most of the time which indirectly I guess I can use for stitching.

I have received many beautiful stitching things from my stitcher friends.

I have this beautiful ornament called "HOPE" hanging all year round. It reminds me that there is still Hope left for me in this world.
I have a beautiful doily crocheted by a friend.
Also fabric, floss and charts.
I guess I appreciate all the gifts I get. They were from the heart, big or small.

PS: I will upload pictures later. 

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  1. I'm sorry you have been so very sick. I hope you are feeling better and are back to 100% soon.