Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Linda's Cinderella's Castle.

I didn't get much done this month.


Thanks for looking.  Linda

It's Almost Paradise

Hello again!  Yet another month has gone by I can't believe the end of the year is almost here.  Where has time gone?  I'm excited for fall though.  My last two days have been spent outside enjoying the cooler weather.  I'm living in SoCal now so it won't get very cold but it's still nice not to sweat my booty off lol.

Well last month I was here:

And now I'm here:

Almost another page done.  If I wasn't so busy job hunting I'd have more done.  My deadline for this got way out of control and I'm hoping to have it done for their first anniversary.  Have fun with all of your projects!

Cinderella's Castle by Kate

I've been absent from blogland for awhile; our house has been the infirmary lately. All four of us have been sick at least once in the last six weeks. I managed a few stitches in Cinderella's Castle.
Where I was last month:
Where I am now:
Everyone's progress is looking terrific! 
Happy stitching :-)

Sarah's September Update

I got a little bit done in September.

Last month...

Then I added my new frame....

And now I'm here...... (Too bad the frame covers the stitches at the top. But I know they are still there. LOL.)
Everything below the ruler is new.

Leonore's September (Non) Update

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing fine ^_^ I'm just going to leave this really quick post here, as I'm on a business trip and my internet collection is less than substellar, before the window to post is up.

I didn't work on DF this month again, so I'm only going to use this space to comment on this month's topic, which is Halloween, if I recall correctly :D Now my stance on this holiday is a bit bipolar. You have to know that Halloween isn't natively celebrated around here, but people are slowly catching up - because everthing that comes from the US has to be waaaay cooler than everything else, of course! The thing is, we have our own holiday of St Martin for kids in early November, that involves lanterns and dressing up and fun (I'm going to post a bit more about that on my own blog soon). I personally grew up wit St Martin, and I loved it - but now it's slowly getting replaces by Halloween. So I don't particularyla like that one :(

I do like Halloween decorations and especially stitching, though! There are so many cute patterns with pumpkins and bats and spooky things. In fact, I'm working on a Halloween piece right now - it's the Halloween Spooky Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, and tons of fun to work on!

September Unspoken

I was very unfocused in September so no page finish yet :D  Maybe next month.

I did do a very few stitches on page two to keep a line from forming and/or to finish off a length of floss.

I don't decorate for Halloween - it's too rural where I live; the schools have Halloween parties and we don't get trick or treaters 'cause they are all at the schools.  I save my energy for the Christmas decorating!  It's a big thing to drive around and look at people's Christmas decorations and last year I finally had a few cars stop to look at mine.  So silly but so fun!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dede's September Progress

I use to decorate more for Halloween but as I get older I don't like the hassle of getting out and putting away so just decorate for fall.  A few stitched Halloween pieces are hung but that is it.

Not a large amount of progress this month but I had a start and finish of another piece.  I have a small house done and working on the large house in Sparrow. Previous months progress and as of today:

I stitched Hands on Designs -Everyday Sampler Banner for one my nephews and his wife.  This is the second time I have stitched it.  I love the design and plan to do the actual sampler for myself. 

Keep stitching! Dede

Susan's September Check-in

My stitching mojo went on walk-about this month.  I did little bits here and there but there wasn't any real quality (or quantity) stitching time.  Not to say there wasn't progress, just not as much as I had hoped.

When last you saw Shakespearean Fantasy, it was here:

and when I put it away a week or so ago, it was here:

That is half and a little bit more of page 1.  I am getting my rotation back on track starting this week, in the hopes of kick starting my mojo.
Oh yes, this month's question.  I don't decorate for Halloween.  I never really have.  I have two stitched Halloween pieces, Scardey Cats by Lizzie*Kate and a Jack-o-Lantern that was part of the Secret Needle Night from The Silver Needle and most of the time I forget to put them out.  I do have three others: Sleepy Hollow  by Gledon Place; Sleepy Hollow by Crossed Eyed Cricket; and, Skelton Crew also by Cross Eyed Cricket in my stash. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

September posts

Ready  to start posting your updates for September?


September's Progress

I have started to get the outline of the Emerald City tower!  I am really enjoying seeing this progress bit by bit and I am really psyched to see more and more. Here's to everyone enjoying their projects and enjoying this wonderful hobby!

Happy stitching!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015


I totally celebrate Halloween.  I love getting dressed up and making Halloween drinks.  The only problem is that I never know what I'm doing.  One year I threw a party, we would sometimes buy tickets for the Disney party.  This year I don't know since we're in a new state.  But I love Halloween stitching and decorating.  I only have half of a Halloween stitch done so far but I divided the pattern into 4 pieces do I can still decorate.

Hi Everyone

Well fall is upon us and Halloween and Christmas is around the bend.

Question for this month: Do you celebrate Halloween? If so what do you do and how do you decorate? Do you like to stitch Halloween patterns too???

I have a 3 almost 4 year old spiderman wanna be so I will be taking him out for Halloween this year. Last year he was to afraid to go out but now I think he is a little more aware that he will get candy.

My stitching bug has flew away again, I have been trying to put a few stitches in my tiger but I am struggling.