Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Almost Paradise

Hello again!  Yet another month has gone by I can't believe the end of the year is almost here.  Where has time gone?  I'm excited for fall though.  My last two days have been spent outside enjoying the cooler weather.  I'm living in SoCal now so it won't get very cold but it's still nice not to sweat my booty off lol.

Well last month I was here:

And now I'm here:

Almost another page done.  If I wasn't so busy job hunting I'd have more done.  My deadline for this got way out of control and I'm hoping to have it done for their first anniversary.  Have fun with all of your projects!


  1. It looks good! Hope the job hunt is going well.

    1. Thank you Sarah. It's not going great. I haven't received a single call back and I've applied to around 30 jobs. I applied to one yesterday which would be awesome because it's a personal assistant who works at home and is provided a car so I'm really crossing my fingers!

  2. Great progress! And fingers crossed your job hunting is done soon!!

  3. Great progress, you're still going so fast! Good luck with the job hunt.