Thursday, March 26, 2015

Evalina's favorite WIP

It's so hard to choose just one... In March I have three projects in rotation and love them all!

On Sunday's I'm stitching with Linda Santa's 12 Days of Christmas

I joined our local group of Saturday Stitching and I'm working on Quaker Christmas Sampler

and during the whole week on and off I'm working on Alicia, the strawberry pirate(the background is pretty boring and I can't wait to see my Alicia)

So long my friends,


  1. Those Santas are great, aren't they? Great progress on your other projects.

  2. Nice projects, all of them. I have to admit I really love the background on Alicia, boring as it might be to stitch :)

  3. Thank you Leonore. I agree, it looks lovely thanks to many shades of pink. It would be much more boring if it would be just one color...

  4. Love all of your projects Evalina, Alicia is awesome.