Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Leonore's favourite project

As most of you, I have quite a few projects 'on the go', and I adore every last one of them, so this decision wasn't easy. I love them all for different reasons: Dark Force for how awesome it is to seeing it slowly grow and being able to make out more and more of the picture, Things Unseen for the awesome overdyed threads involved, Cut Thru' Cottage for all the details and how backstitching is bringing it to life...but if I had to decide on only one, I guess I have to say it's the Mystery Band Sampler. A fellow blogger offered to do this mystery SAL for everyone interested, and I joined in on a hunch - couldn't be happier to do so! Each week, we get a new band to stitch, all different kinds of speciality stitches. We could choose between different color themes or rather gradients, and I chose to use the white->yellow one, on a light green fabric, which is one of my favourite color combinations.

These are the first nine bands of a total of twenty...I've fallen behind a bit and will try to catch up the three band I missed this week. It really is fun to experiment with the different stitches, and the colors are turning out lovely (they always look a bit pale on pictures, but much brighter in reality). I'm really learning a lot while stitching this, and might well use it as a reference guide for different kinds of stitches whenever I need them :)


  1. That's awesome and will be a very beautiful (and handy) guide to stitches.

  2. Very pretty. I would have picked that colorway also.