Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My best kitty

Not much news. Just a little more stitching on the border of my towel that I'm learning to live with being slightly off-center.

We did not have a winter storm in Monroe, Louisiana this weekend. We just had cold rain. Today is 36 with a wind chill of 23 and the wind seems to find all the ways into my house!!  Brr!

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This is my bestest friend and stitching companion Snicklefritz. He was a Cat Haven rescue and adores my 9 Grands. He's always cold and is the best snuggler in the universe. I am truely blessed that he picked me out (story for another time) and he healed the achy empty heart after I had to put my beloved 14 year companion to sleep. Coco was a Miniature Italian Grayhound that was also a rescue.

Happy stitching and keep warm!!


  1. He's gorgeous! I miss having cats. We currently have a non-cat friendly boxer. I used to have a miniature grey hound. They are cold a lot too!

  2. He's very pretty! I'm not really a cat person, mostly because I'm deathly allergic to most of them, but my Chihuahua is about the closest thing you can get to a cat. He is the world's best snuggle buddy too! :-)

  3. I have 3 kittys winnie, leo and jasper and they are all cuddle bums

  4. How sweet :-) We have three kitties, too (Oreo, Marshmallow, and Cinnamon). They're not cuddlers but they like to be near us. Have fun stitching; all progress is good progress!