Friday, January 2, 2015

Hummers Begins!

Yay! I finally started!

I decided on 25-count stitching 2 over 1. This is not cross stitching. This is like sewing a thick tapestry. Wow. I didn't realize how thick the piece would get. I thought about stitching 1 over 1, but I didn't like the coverage as much.

Here's the first stitch going in... the first 10x10 square completed... and the 832 that followed! Almost 1,000 stitches down! This may take a lot longer than I expected, but I'm loving it!

Woohoo! I hope you're all enjoying your pieces as well!!

Caitlin D


  1. Wow I know mine seems thick at 2 over 1 on 18ct. Can't imagine it on 25ct. Great progress though. I've got about 1000 stitches done... 236,000 to go. Woo Hoo!

  2. Great progress so far! I'm curious to see how thick my 2 over 1 on 22ct will be in comparision.

  3. What a lovely progress, your needle must be smoking!

  4. wow you are moving it looks great!!