Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A late start...

Though I'm still missing half of the floss (hurry up, post guys!), I really can't wait any longer, my fingers are itching...so, after preparing my fabric yesterday, today will be the day I'm starting Dark Force!

I'll be trying I few new (to me) things with this...gridding (though I decided to grid only one page at a time, as I stitch them) and my own interpretation of parking. It looks like I have most of the colors needed for the corner I want to start in; so here's hoping I'll get in a couple hundred of stitches before the weekend - I have some catching up to do after all!



  1. Looking forward to your progress - are we both starting in the top left?

  2. Yay! Hope the floss shows up quick! I like the idea of gridding one page at a time...

  3. Have fun with it! I've never tried gridding but have wondered if it would be helpful for my larger projects.And I'm a novice; I don't know what parking is. I hope your floss arrives soon! Happy stitching :-)

    1. Thanks! Parking basically means that instead of cutting a thread when you no longer need it, you carry it across the back to the next place you will need it, and "park" it in that spot until you get there :) There are different versons of how exactly to do it, I guess everyone has to find out what works for her/him.