Saturday, August 29, 2015

Susan' August Check-in

I love it when check-in days fall on my compressed day, as I can actually be on time.  Compressed day you ask?  In a two week period I work 6 9-hour days, one 8-hour day and have one day off.  Lots of folks work 4 10-hour days and have two days off.  While that would be nice, with my commute (2-1/2 hours each way) I can't figure out where to add another hour into the day and not end up sick from exhaustion. (and because I couldn't get my pictures to come up, I couldn't add it to the post yesterday, so I'm a day later but didn't want to rewrite this).

Let's see the question of the month answer.  The first piece I ever cross stitched was when I was 5 or 6, so 48 or so years ago.  It was a stamped tea towel set for my Grandmother.  There was a rooster on one and a hen with chicks on the other. My first ever counted cross stitch piece was a Santa and it was done in 1982 or 1983.  I'm not sure what happened to him.  I am definitely not the same as I was then - I had and raised a son, cared for one husband during his battle with cancer, remarried after being a widow for 7 years, moved and changed jobs numerous times.  Every happening changed the path I was on and changed me.  Stitching wise I am.  Not that I like the same things, but I am still very detail oriented and can spend hours lost in the colors.

I have almost finished half of page one of Shakespearean Fantasy.  The pages on row one are mostly black so very boring (see color statement above).  I have been listening to audio books while stitching them and it helps the time pass quickly.

Here's where I was when I put it away:


  1. I know the black is boring, but the sooner you get it done with, the sonner you'll get to the reall interesting portion! Thanks for the trip to your past as well, I always find it to be interesting what people's background is :)

  2. Loved hearing about your life and you wip looks great! I agree with you though black is boring :)