Saturday, August 29, 2015

August - Unspoken

Here is my progress - two more columns done and only the last two of the page to go.  I already started the confetti in them. (Can you call it confetti when it is only about six colors? lol!)

The first cross stitch I ever did was in High School Home Ec class - they always taught a craft once a year and that year was cross stitch.  We got ONE lesson and that's all the instruction I ever really got that I learned from a real, live person :D   But she was a good teacher, made sure all the stitches were crossed the same way, no knots, and not to carry colors too far.  We all stitched a little owl.

I added the 'A' later, because I really loved doing cross stitch but the one thing they didn't tell us was where to get more stuff to stitch!  So I really wanted to do more.  The 'A' was my baby sister's initial.  Then I didn't stitch for a couple years until I found some kits in a discount store and was like 'OH! I know how to do that!' and I've never completely stopped since :D



  1. Aww that's cute. We did punch embroidery as our home ec project

  2. Wonderful progress Tama. I love the little owl. You did a great job.


  3. Great progress, I can smell a page finish coming up! That owl you made in school is adorable ^_^

  4. Great progress! And I wish we would have learned cross stitch in home ec. There are only 3 things I ever remember making in home ec. a pair of shorts, a teddy bear, and a pizza... I really don't know what else we did with all the time spent in that class lol.