Monday, February 16, 2015

Hi Everyone

well we are off to a great shape.
My reason for my post...
I am in the middle of studying for upgrading my profession, I am a pharmacy Assistant and upgrading to Technician. (which means I'll be able to check prescriptions) I have been working on this since last spring and it has now all come down to 2 exams I need to take in March (40 days to go!!).
So I just wanted to give to a piece of me and the reason why I might not be active that much until after these exams are done. I have to put studying first. Then after that my tiger will grow and hopefully so will my posting :)
So I challenge all of you, we have a pretty small group, in between posting for the SAL maybe we could could have a theme post for the month, get know each other some more?? What do you guys think?? Open for suggestions too!
I could post the theme or question even at the top of the blog and whenever you want or not (its a choice) you can participate?

* so my idea for this month would be to introduce yourself *
My name is Tammy I am originally from Ontario, Canada and now I live just outside of Calgary Alberta. I am married I have a 3 year old son, a husband, a cranky fil and 3 cats. I work as a Pharmacy Assistant. I have been stitching since I  was 16 so that is umm 20 years and love blogging about it. I am obsessed with stitching tools.


  1. Good idea Tammy!

    My name is Sarah and I live in the "home of 2011s famous EF5 tornado". I am married to my best friend and have two boys, one's married and has given me two amazing grandsons. We have three dogs and a sugar glider. I am currently in recovery from an accident that crushed my right arm (making great progress in the last month or so). I work the night shift but am hoping to go back to days soon. I have been stitching since I was five....that's ummmm 40 years LOL.

  2. I like the idea of themed posts toget to know each other a bit better, count me in!

    And all the best for your learning and exams. I'm crossing my fingers for you that all goes well!

  3. Best of luck on your exams, Tammy!

  4. I love this idea. We are a smaller group and this would be perfect! Plus it'll make me post more which is never a bad thing.
    We could schedule it for the 15th since it's about halfway between our progress posts? Just a thought. I'll post one later today :-)
    Oh and good luck on those exams!!

  5. Gotta have your priorities. Good luck with your exams, Tammy! I know you'll do well. Love the idea of the themed posts,and I'm with Caitlin about posting them around the 15th. I'll try to get mine up today or tomorrow.