Sunday, February 22, 2015

A lot of info you don't really want to know!

Name: Sharon but go by Dede since I was born (sister pronounced baby as dede) I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. About 47 on my side of the family.  Hubby has a sister, BIL and his parents still living (88 & 87)
Have lived n rural eastern Kansas all my life except while attending nursing school in Missouri.
Married: 40 years to a high school classmate--didn’t date till after we graduated. 3 sons, 3 DIL, 3 granddaughters (12, 10, 8), 2 grand sons ( 2 ½ years and 7 months). Youngest granddaughter visits most Mondays to stitch with me.  She has the bug so far! Oldest son lives just 2 miles away and the other two live in Kansas City area. So happy to have them all close!
Stitching since 1974.  Learned from a co worker working the evening shift at hospital. My largest piece is BBD Anniversaries of the Heart--which I still need to personalize, Completed
the Randje per Week 2014.  Haven't started the 2015 yet but plan too. I have dabbled a little in hardanger and white work.  A little knitting and crocheting too.
Work--a few years at local hospital and  part time at a nursing home until our second son was born then decided I was raising them and not a baby sitter.  Hubby farmed for a few years then was offered a job at local bank selling insurance to their customers and working with loans.  He now owns the insurance agency, started a real estate agency, manages some properties, and publishes a little town paper that just covers the local news.  I help with publishing and distributing and watch the office when needed.
Other hobbies are photography, flower gardening, birding, genealogy. I joined several yahoo groups and found Kansas Stitchers thru one of the groups.  We meet about every other month in either Wichita at Hearts Desire, Topeka at a members church or Abilene at Picture This Plus.  And a couple times at Old Mill in Liberty, MO.  We have a group now on Face Book too.
Love living in rural Kansas.  We are far enough away from big city (Topeka, Kansas City, or St. Joseph, MO) but close enough to visit occasionally.  We have one dog that was dumped on us 2 years ago.  A yellow dog much like the one we had for many years.  When Ellie died I vowed never to have another as did not want to go thru that again but here we are.  Daisy presently is presenting us with voles she is catching out in the fields when hunting.  3 bodies decorate the patio--easy pickings when there is snow cover evidently!  She loves to go on walks with me in the pasture when we have warm weather.


  1. Great intro! Love the sound of Daisy dog!! :o)
    Hugs xx

  2. Lovely intro! It's wonderful that your granddaughter has picked up stitching with you!! I always enjoyed spending as much time as was humanly possible with my grandmother. :-)

  3. That's great that you get to meet up with a stitching group so often. Daisy sounds adorable

  4. Wow, you have led quite a busy live, and a huge family too! It's great that you still find the time to share your stitching with us :)

  5. So nice to know more about you, Dede. Sounds as though you have a wonderful family and stay very busy.