Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Scarfs and new yarn

Micheals has a new yarn that is only 1.99 yahoo and you know what its a 4 weight its soft and comes in tons of colours. (Just wish they could keep them all stocked).
So Elk studios released a video and a new pattern using the yarn and i have started it. Actually I am half done it now. Its called the love me more scarf. Sometimes I find scarfs boring to crochet but this one called to me and I am enjoying it.

You can find the link to the pattern and she has a link to her video on her page too HERE.

Enjoy I will post a picture of my scarf later on



  1. You sound like you are enjoying yourself :) Looking forward to seeing your scarf!

  2. It's a beautiful scarf. I love to crochet, but only do the VERY simple stuff (mostly single stitch) as I always have a hard time followed patterns.

    It takes a long time to single crochet a queen size blanket! And it's not very exciting without patterns or squares LOL.

  3. crap lol wasn't suppose to post here lol but Thanks!!