Monday, September 5, 2016

Wow I'm Late!

Ha I totally didn't realize it was the end of the month lol.  I'm still chugging along and I'm hoping to finish soon.

Here's last month:

And now:

I decided to do all 9 pages at once so no page finished but I "think" I've made good progress?  It's hard to tell.  I'm still hoping for the end of September but don't think I'll make it.  I have a cruise coming up which will eat up time.  But I'll get there!


  1. Your progress each month amazes me. Have fun on your cruise! :)

  2. Woohoo!! You are so close!! I am going to miss seeing this each month when you finish it :)

  3. Wonderful progress! I hope that you have fun on your cruise. Happy Stitching! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations ~