Saturday, April 2, 2016

March progress--none.

I didn't touch my project all month.  I was working on BBD Christmas Garden.  Yesterday I did pick it up and put about 100 stitches in it.  Hoping I can do more soon.  Will have to start working outside to keep weeds at bay in the flower garden.
Keep stitching!


  1. Oh well I am sure you will have some progress to show next month. And if not the month after that :)

  2. I love my garden too, time goes to that or my stitching sometimes you can't do both , look forward to seeing your stitching soon.

  3. I started my garden too but considering it consists of 8 potted plants and I started outside from seed it didn't take long at all :)

  4. That's OK...seems like we're all suffering from spring break-itis!