Thursday, April 28, 2016

April--I have progress!

I had no stitching on my piece for about 6 weeks or longer--hanging my head.  So at the beginning of April I was determined to get some stitches into His Eye.  I completed the border and it matched!!!!!  I was thrilled that I met up correctly.

Once I got that accomplished I went back to stitching on a few other projects.  I am currently working on a spool.  If you haven't seen them go look for them.  I had seen a fellow stitcher on facebook--she has bunches of old spools that she has made bands to put on the spools--so cute.  I have collected wooden thread spools for a long time...most come from my mom's stash.  None of my sisters do handwork nor sewing so I asked for them.  Anyway I plan to cover some of them.  I ordered a kit so that I could learn how to put them together.  The kit was released this spring from Milady's Needle " Rabbit Run".  I have it stitched just need to complete the edging then put it together. Here is a picture of Jancie Wright Greene's (a member of All About Smalls facebook grroup) spools.  I recognize several of these patterns from freebies.  No need to pitch those little strips of material!

I want to complete a little pillow for a Mother's day gift for one of my DIL.  I had made 3 little pin pillows from a freebie pattern several years ago.  One for 2 DIL's and for MIL.  So time to get one done for the latest new mother in the family. The heart buttons were some that my MIL had saved from baby cloths.

Hope you all are stitching away! I enjoy reading about your progress.  This month seems to have flown by....


  1. Great progress!
    Those little spools!! So sweet!
    And I love the mother pillows, how special to all have a button that your MIL saved :)

  2. Great progress and I love the spools!

  3. Great progress- it's such a good feeling when borders match up. Very cute spools too.

  4. Beautiful work! I'm so glad your border matched up. The spools look fun and your pillows are darling.

  5. Great progress! It does feel great to have your borders meet, doesn't it? :)