Sunday, April 5, 2015

Please Read-admin

This post is just so I don't receive email when the draw is done at the end of the year. I am not trying to be grumpy just trying to be fair and honest.

I am trying to make this SAL not full of rules. The dates 28-31 of every month are for stitchers to post their updates (unless it is a month that has a different number of days I will post the days) to be entered into the draw.

I am finding that some stitchers are posting before, I am sorry but I am not counting those.
I make sure that I watch the blog on the days posted so everyone counts, I do this because I am not on the blog every day to watch posts. That is the reason behind the dating and to keep my sanity.

If you want to post before that is perfectly fine I just want to make sure you know it does not count for the draw at end of year.
We have 7 stitchers that have already not posted every month, I am seeing it slowly dwindling month to month. I know life gets in the way, you can post date your updates if you are on a couple days before and know you won't be on in the time frame.

If you girls don't like the idea of the draw please email me and let me know.



  1. Hey Tammy just a question: Does a post the 27th in February count since there's only 28 days? If not that's totally fine I did this more for the actual SAL than the prize I was just wondering

  2. OK, I'm one of those responsible for posting early but thought as I had no progress in Febraury I'd get the posting out of the way. I didn't realise your deadlines were that strict. I'm fine about being excluded from the year-end draw - afterall, I've had nothing to show for the first three months anyway so it seems only fair!
    I'm also sorry the blog's not running quite as smoothly as you had probably wished. Hopefully it's just teething problems and things will pick up during the rest of the year. My fingers are crossed for you. :)

  3. HI Tammy, I apologize as I'm one of the participants who hasn't kept up. I always join SALs with good intentions but find that I get distracted and end up doing my own thing. I honestly don't think I will work on my project very much this year, so I totally understand if you'd like to remove me from the group. I don't want to hold anyone else back with my lack of enthusiasm!

    I appreciate having a mod like you who really cares about the group. :)

  4. I am soo sorry i did not post for March. I understand that i will not be elegible for the draw. Boy has life gotten in the way! I was in the hospital with flu complications. I hope to post soon.

  5. I am apologizing in advance as I will miss this months posting. If possible I will post on the 27th but understand it may not fall in the time frame. I will be flyinng out on the 28th and not be back for 16 days. We are headed to Italy to visit our son who is temporarily working there for a short time. My computer skills are challenged here at home let along "on the road". LOL As others have said I didn't join to win a prize. I am enjoying reading the posts and seeing the progress. It keeps me motivated! I have taken the last 3 days off but will stitch some tomorrow. Thank you for all you are doing to keep this going!

  6. I think I need to leave the SAL..I just don't have the will to work on my pink lightning right now..thank you for letting me join in