Monday, December 15, 2014

A Happy New Year

     On January first we'll all be starting a brand new big piece together.  That along with some ham and black eyed peas will make my day.  I'm so looking forward to getting to know ya'll.

     The piece I'll be doing is from By The Bay and here's a picture of it below.  I"ll be doing it on 14 count hand dyed Aida and it is 173 W by 560 L, so when finished it will be 12.5 X 40".  I have all my threads and my fabric has been ordered.  This will actually take me the entire year, as only a portion

of the chart will be sent each month.  I'm ready to go though.

     It will be fun to watch everyone's progress and get to know everyone as well.  Until next time, stay safe and warm and "feel the colors".

     LindaLee from  


  1. What a lovely design! I still have tons of floss to purchase before I can even think about starting. Not to mention kitting everything up! I look forward to watching this one progress. :-)

  2. This is a great one to do! I love the demissions. It reminds me of a picture my grandma had in her house when I was a kid. I'm waiting for my chart to arrive any day now and Christmas will bring my thread.... Is it January yet? LOL

  3. I've seen this one as a SAL on several sites; it's beautiful! Have fun with it :-)

  4. I love that one and was so tempted to sign up, but just couldn't do it. Looking forward to watching your progress.

  5. I'm starting this design as well! It reminds me of when I lived in Boston.