Saturday, April 7, 2018

Winnie the Pooh II March update

Hello friends, March was a good stitchy month.  Winnie the Pooh only got 2 days, but that was enough to get about 1500 stitches.  Previous:

I finished page 2 (upper right) using blending filament and also filled in some ninja stitches.  Backstitching did not seem appealing so I moved onto the next page (bottom left).  The first two columns, including the bottom corner, are finished.  It was fun to stitch those bright reds & pinks, but that entire area will be covered in a plethora of french knots.  Good thing I don't mind french knots, but those will be done last as I don't like having them rolled up on the scroll. 


  1. 1500 stitches in two days is awesome progress! The new colours look great.

  2. The red really pops. You're making great progress.