Monday, December 4, 2017

Winnie the Pooh November Update

Hi friends, the year is almost over and I'm still trucking along on Pooh... well, trucking is not exactly the right word.  Delicately stepping, we shall say.

In November I got about 1500 stitches on Pooh, finishing 2 more columns except for the over 1 section (Owl). 
More green trees, basically.  It's the 100 hundred acre wood!  I'm looking forward to working on this in December and crunching some numbers to figure out how far along the project is (hint: less than 50%). 


  1. Fantastic progress! I love seeing your updates.

  2. Great progress. I like the trees, but I'm looking forward to you reaching the lower half of the picture!

  3. This is stunning - so gorgeous, my dear.

  4. Wonderful progress! It looks so good!!