Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Winnie the Pooh II October Update

Hi friends!  I worked on Winnie the Pooh as part of a Stitch-a-thon weekend at the end of October.  My time was divided with sewing my son's Halloween costume, but I still managed about 1700 stitches.

Previous progress:
New progress:
I decided I needed another page finish for my Stitch from Stash budget so I went back to Page 1 and did the 1 x 1 section, swarm of bees I suppose.  

First time using a magnifier!  I was able to see it fine with the help of the magnifier and extra light, but it was so tight on the fabric (28 count) that I hurt my left index finger a little, from pushing the needle through from the back.  Next time I may use a thimble.  Page 2 has a much larger 1 x 1 section (the owl)... you can see the outline of his wing on the right side near the balloon.  
I love working on this piece, at my current pace (a few days per month).  That won't be enough to finish anytime soon, even next year, but I'm fine with that.


  1. Oh my gosh! Those little bees! Every time you share this I want this pattern more and more :) Great progress!

  2. Oh, great progress! And even a page finish, that's awesome. Love the bees!

  3. Thank you! I'm pretty excited about this piece, the 1 x 1 charting seems quite well done.

  4. I love seeing your updates! It looks fantastic.

  5. Great job! I love seeing everyone's progress even if I am not stitching on my piece!