Friday, February 24, 2017

Winnie the Pooh 2017 Intro

Hello everyone!  I got a late and rather inauspicious start on Winnie the Pooh II by MCG textiles.  So, I began in the upper left corner and immediately noticed the kit floss provided did not really match their descriptions (med green instead of dark green).  I decided to trust the pattern and begin.  I noticed the floss seemed thinner than DMC.  After stitching some, I was not happy with the coverage, nor the colors.  I looked up an online conversion and pulled the two dark green DMCs, which looked nothing like the kit floss.
They did look a lot more like the picture!  
I wonder if they stitched the model in DMC then kitted it up with some off brand cheap floss.  I frogged it all.  I will restart it with DMC.  Using my own thread I can do 3 over 2 for the darker colors if I feel it needs more coverage.  The kit fabric is 28 ct evenweave, the quality is ok and I prefer 28 count since this pattern has over 1 sections.

Hopefully next month I'll have something good to share!


  1. Good idea to switch now before you did too much of the design. Crazy how different the floss is.

  2. What a sweet pattern! That is so annoying when the floss doesn't match the picture :( I am really looking forward to seeing your progress once you get back on track :)

  3. Glad you caught it early. It's a great chart.

  4. I really like those Disney Dream kits, but I have heard about a lot of problems peoples have been having with the floss supplied...while others stitch ten of the kits without running into problems. It's pretty strange really, but I'm glad your making this work for you :)

  5. Oh wow! I keep buying all the Dream kits, but I will probably never stitch them because of all the French Knots and specialty've just given me another reason! But hey, good on ya for catching the problem and fixing it! I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress!

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