Saturday, December 31, 2016


Ok everyone that has NOT emailed me to stay on will be deleted later tonight so you have about 5 hours to still do so.
So far I have:
Oh sew crafty
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Renee's Fractal White Tiger December Update

This month, I added 1,168 stitches to my Charting Creations Fractal White Tiger based on artwork by Ricky Barnard.

My goal this year was 10,800 stitches (900 stitches per month) and I surpassed that with 13, 914 stitches.

Page 1 was finished on May 22, 2016 and Page 2 was completed December 30, 2016. I am SO excited to move down to reveal one of the eyes next.

This is how it looked last month.

I can barely wait to see it in December of 2017.

Tammy, thank you for adding me to the group last year! Life threw a few curve balls this year that demanded my time. So, there were times I would not have picked this up without the motivation to share at least a bit of progress by the end of the month.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year! I look forward to following your progress. -Renee

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hello out there, please read important

HI everyone I have been around. I am so glad that a few of you have finished your projects. They are beautiful and congrats! Mine still sits and waits....but this brings me to my question. Do you want to continue for 2017? Are you going to start something new or continue? I need everyone to ethier comment here or to email me. Those of you that I do not here ethier I'll know you want to be removed from the blog. You will have until the 1st to reply please

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Eek I Suck!

Hey everyone I know it's been a while.  My only excuse is that I've been on vacation at the end of every month for the past 3 months.  But I'm excited to say I have a finish to show!  Finally!  I finished it 10/15 and got it framed and sent about a week and a half later.  I haven't seen it hanging yet but I know the recipient has gotten it safe and sound and was really excited.

Here is Paradise after it was finished:

And here it is after it was framed:

Sorry for the really bad glare.  But I promise it's pretty in person :)

I framed it myself in a floating picture frame that I had to engineer.  Basically the way the frame worked was that it had the frame, a piece of glass, another piece of glass and then a smaller wood frame that fit inside the first to help sandwich the two pieces of glass together to hold the pics in place.  In order to make it work I cut the foam board so that it fit snugly inside of the smaller wooden frame.  Then I switched the order so that it was: frame, glass, smaller frame with the cross stitch inside, and then other piece of glass.  I stretched the fabric on the foam core board and pinned it in place but I didn't lace it because the fabric was large enough to just fold over the back and since it was a clear back I wanted it to look nice.

I hope that makes sense :)

As for this blog I'm not really sure what I want to do next.  I've already started 2 other projects but I don't know if I'm going to start another one on the 1st or not.  I guess we'll see how this blog is going to work next year :)

Thanks everyone for sticking with me on my journey!