Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June Whizzed By!!!

Who where did the month of June go?  It disappeared very fast!

I have only stitch a bit on my piece.  I completed 5 more motifs.  I have been side tracked with a couple SAL.  Managing to keep up on the Randje per Week.  We have reached the half way point.  Still love all the different styles of alphabets and numbers.  I also joined another SAL.  It is a Quaker Patchwork.  It is a closed group so can't show it till I am done.  You have to send a picture of your piece to receive the next installment.  I am on page 4.

July looks to be a busy month too.  Hoping I can tear myself away from the SAL and get a few more motifs done while watching the KC Royals.

Keep Stitching!


  1. Great progress, reaching the halfway mark! SALs can be very absorbing.

  2. Oh it looks so good! And good for you for getting all that other stitching done too!

  3. Looking good! SALs can really steal away your time, but they are so much fun as well!