Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Check in....

HI everyone how's it all going. I have been reading your posts on my email. I still have no want what so ever to stitch but I have been crocheting.
My fil has been really sick as of late and I need a vacation from work too. Going to take a week at the end of June and just have some fun with my son.
Just thought I would stop in and check up on you guys. So the stitchers that have not posted in a while let's hear from you and what you are up to.



  1. Hi Tammy! I will post this month finally!
    I was busy but now I am with more time!

  2. Hope life settles down for you soon!!

  3. amazing... dont forget to visit my blog...kecantikan


  4. I didn't stitch again this month! Hopefully June will get me going.

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  6. Sorry to hear of your FIL illness. I hope he recovers soon and that you will get your needle going again. Good that you at least have your crocheting mojo. It is good to take a break every so often--you will come back refreshed!