Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween Cuties!

Since we live in a rural area (altho we live on a highway) we don't get any trick or treaters except for family.  Our grand daughters were off to Platte City, MO to stay with the other grandparents and help hand out candy there. I have a picture of the youngest grand daughter during the elementary parade town main street (Jojo was home sick.).  So I pulled a picture off face book that their grandmother had posted.  The little tricksters we had were all great nephews of mine that live in the area.  They get a lot of candy just from the great Aunts that they don't have to go to town to walk the streets.  LOL

 GD Rebekah--3rd grade
 Their cousin Kaleb, Victoria-13 , Jojo --11, and Rebekah
 Great nephew Ryan age 1
 Great Nephews Jackson-7 and Jacob-2
 Great Nephew Elias--almost 2 years
 Elias's big brothers August 5 and Ashton 7
 Grandson Kale-1 and Mom
  And our world traveler Adam-3.  They didn't dress him up as still suffering from jet lag that night!

Here is the finished framed project that I worked on in September.

Happy Stitching!