Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Theme

We have already taken our "holiday".  We went to Italy to visit our middle son and family for 2 weeks.  He is there on a job assignment with 4 other fellows.  So we took advantage of them being there to visit.   Italy was interesting and lots to see but since we were mainly in big cities it was way to crowded for this rural Kansas gal.  They are living in a suburb of Milan.  Never did get into Milan to tour.   We went to the Vatican and saw some beautiful tapestries as well as all the other art and sites in Rome.  Explored Venice, Florence, Pisa, a castle (somewhere), an old village, and a little of Switzerland.   I did take a Shepard's Bush Fold piece and managed to stitch while sitting in airports and then a little in the evenings when at their apartment. I so wanted to find a cross stitch/needlework shop but we were never near any (that I know of!)..  Closest I got was a button and lace shop!  

This is the finished piece.

I have finished stitching 2 wedding pieces for June so now it is back the EotS!

Keep stitching!


  1. The Vatican is on my bucket list, maybe some day

  2. That's a beautiful finish, and it will always remind you of your vacation ^_^