Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Susan's April Update

Suppose it isn't a surprise but I am, again, late with my April topic. My favorite stitching gadget? I would say I have two - my Needlework System 4 floor stand and my Bohin needles. I have been using a scroll frame for as long as I have been stitching and tried three or four different lap and floor stands. I still use my Elan lap stand for smaller pieces, but for everything else, I use the System 4 stand. It keeps the fabric tension even, the fabric cleaner and reduces the stress on my hands and wrists. From the largest gadget to the smallest, my Bohin needles. I bought a pack at a needlework store closing and feel in love as soon as I used them. Several years ago, DSon bought me 50 size 26s and 50 size 28s, so I have plenty for years to come. They are really, in my opinion, vastly superior to any other needles I have used. They glide through every fabric and have smooth eyes so there is no wear and tear on the thread. Even though they are finer than most, I have yet to break a needle or bend one.

The stand and the needles have made stitching on my New Stitchy Start piece, Shakespearean Fantasy, very enjoyable. Even with my travel schedule this last month, I had a fair amount of progress.

Here's where it was in March:

And here's where it is today:

A little more black and a lot more green. Hopefully with the end of the crazy travel schedule, I will be able to get back into my stitching rhythm and spend more time on this one.


  1. That green you added really shoes! Beautiful progress, and I too am looking forward to more of your stitching now that traveling is mostly over :)

  2. I was late posting it so don't feel bad you can post about the theme of month anytime