Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sarah's April Theme

I don't have a lot of stitching gadgets. Oh there are several I'd like to have to be sure! But I usually just make do with the basics. So I guess my current favorite stitching item would be my floor frame. It makes the larger projects so much easier.

A few things on my wish list: a needle minder, a travel case of some sort, a magnetic board with place marker and a lamp (the bedside lamp just doesn't always do the job LOL).



  1. I found a great travel case on Amazon. It's for electronics but all of the pockets make it so useful. It was only like $10. I also found a great clip on led lamp at target for $20.

    Just in case you're interested.

  2. I don't use a lot of gadgets, either. But a floor frame would be nice for bigger projects.

  3. I bought a floor frame last fall and have yet to use it. Just too many other things going on to get it up and learn to use it. Maybe this summer!