Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Theme

Hey everyone!

The theme this month is favorite stitching tool.  My favorite isn't really a tool but I use it for my stitching.  My favorite thing to work with are dyes!  I dye almost all of my fabric and it's so much fun to dye and stitch on.  I love playing with the colors and I never know how it will come out so it's a surprise every time.   Especially since I mottle my fabrics.  Not only is it fun it saves me money because hand dyed fabrics are pretty expensive as you all know!  Doing it myself means I can pay around $2 ($3 if I don't have the dye color I want yet) to get a decent sized fabric.  I use coupons at Michael's which are usually 50% off so I get it cheaper.

These are some of my dyes.  You've seen this one quite a bit :)

 This is Magical World by Tilton Crafts
 This is Rapunzel which is a gray and purple
 This is the rest of my fabric stash.
The extra stash is all one dye color per fabric piece.  When I do multiple colors I put them in together and they usually create more colors but it's important the colors are complimentary unless I want a brown mess lol.  The Magical world piece is actually all blue and yellow which created quite a bit of green.  The colors are actually brighter in real life especially on Magical World but my camera blows them out weird.  Oh well lol it's fun!


  1. How fun! They are all beautiful. I have never dyed my own fabric.

  2. Beautiful! I've never tried dyeing fabric. But I bet it makes stitching fun!