Monday, April 6, 2015

Fatema's March Check In.

I am really very sorry to everyone especially our hostess. I am really late with my update this month also. I really hope to do better starting from April.

As for an update well there is none. Zilch. Zero. I never was able to stitch on my HAED in March. I am hoping to stitch a lot on it in April. The second page also has been released.

March's topic was

What is your favourite (WIP or UFO)work in progress and post a picture.

This is a slow going WIP. I really love this design, but I have so many others to do first this project never gets any love. I cant find the original picture of this. If I do find I will post it later. I am hoping to put this in the exhibition in November. I just have a little to do and its done.

This was a bookmark size freebie fractal from 2008 February. 

I really love this project. It brings me many memories of my grandma. Its 2 years since she left me. I feel like it was today at times.


  1. I'm sorry Fatema I feel the same way sometimes and I lost my grandma 20 years ago.

  2. Wow your project looks stunning. x