Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Unspoken

I was very unfocused in September so no page finish yet :D  Maybe next month.

I did do a very few stitches on page two to keep a line from forming and/or to finish off a length of floss.

I don't decorate for Halloween - it's too rural where I live; the schools have Halloween parties and we don't get trick or treaters 'cause they are all at the schools.  I save my energy for the Christmas decorating!  It's a big thing to drive around and look at people's Christmas decorations and last year I finally had a few cars stop to look at mine.  So silly but so fun!



  1. Looks like you almost have a page done. That's awesome.

  2. Looks lovely! I would love to see pics of your Christmas decorations when you get them up :)

  3. Even small progress is progress still! Will you share your Christmas decorations wirh us? I love walking around and look at other houses in December ^_^