Thursday, September 24, 2015


I totally celebrate Halloween.  I love getting dressed up and making Halloween drinks.  The only problem is that I never know what I'm doing.  One year I threw a party, we would sometimes buy tickets for the Disney party.  This year I don't know since we're in a new state.  But I love Halloween stitching and decorating.  I only have half of a Halloween stitch done so far but I divided the pattern into 4 pieces do I can still decorate.


  1. I agree, Halloween is one of my favorite holidagreat. y son's birthday is the 28th so we have always had big parties for Halloween with bon fires, costumes, games and soooo much candy and food! I love all the decorating. Those banners are great.

    1. My hubby's birthday is the 21st. No big parties but I get to celebrate double too :) That sounds like a lot of fun I love bonfires!

  2. I love those banners! Have fun celebrating :)