Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Leonore's September (Non) Update

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing fine ^_^ I'm just going to leave this really quick post here, as I'm on a business trip and my internet collection is less than substellar, before the window to post is up.

I didn't work on DF this month again, so I'm only going to use this space to comment on this month's topic, which is Halloween, if I recall correctly :D Now my stance on this holiday is a bit bipolar. You have to know that Halloween isn't natively celebrated around here, but people are slowly catching up - because everthing that comes from the US has to be waaaay cooler than everything else, of course! The thing is, we have our own holiday of St Martin for kids in early November, that involves lanterns and dressing up and fun (I'm going to post a bit more about that on my own blog soon). I personally grew up wit St Martin, and I loved it - but now it's slowly getting replaces by Halloween. So I don't particularyla like that one :(

I do like Halloween decorations and especially stitching, though! There are so many cute patterns with pumpkins and bats and spooky things. In fact, I'm working on a Halloween piece right now - it's the Halloween Spooky Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, and tons of fun to work on!


  1. I am working on that one too and I am almost have the exact same amount done :) I just started the O block. Yours looks awesome!

    1. Oh, nice! I'm actually SALing on it with two friends of mine :)