Thursday, July 2, 2015

Susan is late for June

I forgot to schedule my post, so I'm late for June's posting but I did have a bit of progress.

Here's where Shakespearean Fantasy was the beginning of June:

Here is Shakespearean Fantasy with a few more green and 400 more black stitches:

It is still on the frame so I will probably add the rest of the black thread you see on the right.

As for June's question, I am going to my sister's house for a family reunion the end of this month for my vacation. I probably won't take any stitching with me, but if I do it will be a small.

Until next month.


  1. Terrific progress, Susan :-)

  2. I like how you alternate between the black and green and make progress on both. Looking great!

  3. Great progress! The green must be a nice change from the black. It is such a great chart!

  4. I admire your stitching! My mother is a great cross stitcher and my summer goal is to piece a set of cross stitched sunflower quilt blocks together she gave to me. Praying for the time.