Thursday, July 30, 2015

Paradise in July

Well I think I'm averaging about a page a month.  This month I have a bit less than a page but I've been focusing a lot on getting ready to move.  We have to be out of our apartment next week.  We're probably getting one of those pods so they'll move the pod across the country and so were staying in hotels for a week or two until we secure jobs.  Then we're driving across the country to move ourselves.  The bad part is my cross stitch frame is too big to stitch in the car lol.  I may get a hoop or qsnap just for the car ride :). 

My progress last month got me here:
And my latest progress is here:
Stitch count wise it's over a page since I'm stitching into the next but I still have about 100 stitches left in the official page.  Hopefully the car ride will give me lots of progress for next months post :D.


  1. Wonderful progress, Heather! Good luck with the move!

  2. Beautiful progress! I hope that all will go well with your move :)