Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hello my name is Heather...and I'm a cross stitcher...

Hi everyone sorry about the late post I've  been busy stitching.  My name is Heather I'm 28 (29 in April yikes!) and I've been married for going on 4 years with no kids (but we're trying).  I've been stitching  for about 2 years and blogging for I think 6 months.  I love animals which is why I work at SeaWorld but don't have any pets yet.  I have a bachelors in sociology and am going back to school to get my masters in teaching.  Well that's me in a nut shell.  See you in a few days with my stitchy update


  1. Great intro! Jealous that you work at SeaWorld. Wishing you much luck and success at getting that masters!

  2. Nice to meet you Heather. How neat it would be to work at SeaWorld.


  3. So nice to know more about you, Heather :-) Ah, I miss Sea World. We used to live just south of Orlando in St. Cloud, and Sea World was a frequent haunt of ours.