Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Small Amount of Sherlock

Hello fellow stitchy starters!

I thought it was about time I posted a progress picture of Scarlet Macaw Preening. Unfortunately, there's not a lot to see yet as I am ashamedly concentrating my stitching efforts on my DUCJC pieces at the moment.

I'm not liking the linen fabric, nor the fact that the weave and therefore the stitching isn't straight. But it's early days and I'm still experimenting with the best way to stitch on linen.

I do intend to stitch this piece for 30 minutes per day so have a bit of catching up to do. Maybe there'll be more progress by the end of the month.

Love and hugs
Rachel x


  1. It looks very pretty sp far, and quite even for linen too! I love the color contrast at the moment :)

  2. I've noticed that linen can be a pain. I hope it gets easier as the colors look amazing together!

  3. Love the fabric and this is a gorgeous chart.

  4. It sure is pretty fabric.


  5. All progress is good progress, Rachel :-) I'm in the same boat but I'm doing the SDUCJFC. I admire you for working on linen; I haven't crossed that bridge just yet.

  6. I love this fabric! I find that I have to stitch linen in Q Snaps that I remove everyday or on scroll rods. That seems the only way I can maintain my tension. D

  7. Happy and blessing New Year!
    I wish you all the best!
    Joanna from
    I am following you via gfc! I hope you follow back!