Monday, August 17, 2015

August Theme

Hmmm--that was so long ago!!!  Like 1975 maybe.  I really don't remember my first piece--I gave them away as gifts--  most were ornaments.  I was working evenings and nights (RN) with a gal that was a crafter--she did so many things.  She was doing cross stitch and I had never seen it.  I had started doing a little embroidery (using all 6 threads--gasp).  She got me started on the right path--even gave me some starter lessons in knitting and crocheting.  One of my first pieces was a rabbit in an apron and it had a saying about grandma's love--I gave it to my MIL. I will have to take a picture of it on our visit this week.   She still has it on display. All of my early stitching was on aida or hardanger (loved 22 count).  Here are a couple of first projects that I did.  I don't have them hung anymore but had them on my wall for years!  I used wooden embroidery hoops to display.  I need to take them out and make them into ornaments for my tree.  (And give them a good cleaning!) My first big projects were for my mother and MIL. They each got quilt pictures by Paula Vaughn.  Loved doing them but boy was that a challenge with all the color changes for the quilts (LOL--that is a piece of cake now).  I really was pleased with myself when those were done!

Nope--I think my stitching has taught me patience, given me relaxation, and feelings of accomplishment.  I look at others needlework projects, especially in museums and think of the hours that were put into their pieces.  I have great admiration for all those young 8, 9 , 10  etc year olds that stitched samplers.  In awe of them.

 Great topic!  Thanks!
Keep stitching!

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  1. They are cute!! I love hearing how people start out stitching :)