Saturday, May 30, 2015

Susan's May Update

My May update is very easy - I have no progress to report! Not a single stitch was added to Shakespearean Fantasy. I did think about it, but it never made it to the stand.

And I am a bit late answering this month's question on my favorite stitch gift. Hmmm, I think the answer is going to be the same as last month's "what is my favorite stitching gadget?" - my Needlework System 4 floor stand and my Bohin needles.  The Hubs gave me the floor stand seven or eight years ago as a Christmas gift and DSon gave me the needles for Christmas a few years ago.  I can't imagine stitching any of my large pieces without these two gadgets/tools/gifts.

My no travel stretch didn't last as long as I had hoped, I am off to Boise, Idaho on Monday. I will be home on Friday and then have a three day weekend, maybe I can coax SF onto the frame and get some more green, or black, into it.

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