Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dark Force, #2

On the very last day, I'm finally posting my start as well...I was afraid I would change my mind again as I have some very nice charts to choose from, but no I have ordered my fabric and floss, and there's no turning back: Just as Elaine, I'll be starting Tilton Craft's 'Dark Foce' in January.

I won this chart in a contest on deviantArt this summer (or rather, I won a free pattern and got to choose), and I really love it - I'm a big fan of Star Wars, and this design (as well as all artwork of Sanda) is stunning. There also is a partner piece, 'Master', starring Yoda and mostly whites/light greys, which I have as well. Sadly, both patterns are no longer sold on Tilton Craft's webpage, so I'm glad I got both of them before they were taken off.

The pattern calles for 1 over 1 on 25ct, but I had a few concerns with that:

1) the smallest I have stitched so far is 18ct,
2) I don't like 1 over 1 coverage on 25ct, at least not when so many dark colors and black are involved, but 2 over 1 on 25 ct is too bulky for my taste
3) this is Darth Vader, and making him any smaller by switching to 28ct is out of the question.

So my final decision fell on 22ct, 2 over 1. I hope I will be happy with that choice in the end! So, as I said, supplies are ordered; I won't be home before the 4th to start, but I hope that stuff will have arrived by then.


  1. It'll be interesting to see how you both stitch this chart i.e. where will you start and in which direction will you stitch. Good luck with 2 over 1 on 22ct. I think you're very brave!! :)

  2. This is a great chart. Sad that they don't sell it anymore.

  3. Just another reason to hoard/stash all the goodies I find! Can't have them discontinued before I get them! This really is a great chart. I'll enjoy watching the differences between the two pieces as they come together.

  4. I always use 22 ct. (2 over 1) for my HAED but for this one, decided to be brave and go with 25 ct Stormy Clouds Lugana (1 over 1). I'm hoping my coverage is OK.

  5. I hope I don't regret stitching this HAED on 18 making it a huge piece and I'm having trouble fitting it in a frame. Not sure what to do. My instinct says get different fabric but it may be too late for that. I don't think any store here will have anything different. My only hope would be Joann's. Maybe I can talk Husband into stopping there today after physical therapy. ???

    1. Just keep stitching Sarah. I'm doing Computer Catastrophes on 18 ct and it is huge but it's so easy to stitch it.

  6. Yes you will my dear! I'm stitching Guardian Angel on 22ct 2over 1 and love it. Same for my new start Pirate Alicia - I'll stitch on 22 ct 2over 1.